What is waterproofing?


In construction and building, waterproofing is a series of steps or actions to make a structure or building water-resistant. There are many different ways, methods, and processes that a house, building, or structure are designed and built for waterproof protection.   In structures that are below grade (below ground) polyethylene sheeting, vapor barriers, special liquid coatings, or additives to the concrete used for the foundation or basement walls and flooring are typically used during construction. Sometimes these methods are not enough though and additional waterproofing methods must be used and implemented.



If your basement or lower level to your home, business or factory (warehouse or manufacturing plant) is wet, damp, leaks during or after rain and/or snow, or has a musty smell you probably needs to have your structure waterproofed. It is very important to make sure you have this done by a professional with a lot of experience in this construction trade. The entire building structure is weighted upon the foundation and you definitely don’t want to have your foundation walls leaking, deteriorating, bowing, or falling apart. A waterproofing expert will not only put a band-aid fix on the problem, but will eliminate the reason for the problem.

For example you may have a driveway, patio or walkway which has settled, broken apart, or was improperly built and has water running towards your home or building. This could be a major problem with too much water sitting near your foundation and could cause leaking, bowing, or your foundation wall(s) to be deteriorating. It is crucial to have this taken care of early on before an even more drastic problem arises. This is just one example of hundreds of potential problems which can be diagnosed and fixed by a waterproofing expert.

Sealing it Tight and Doing it Right Waterproofing!